Boxwood Festivals
Boxwood Canada



St. John’s Anglican Church & Parish Hall, 64 Townsend St.

Boxwood is pleased to join St. John's Anglican Church and Musique Royale as partners in the St. John's Arts Alliance. Nestled in the heart of Old Town, St. John's Anglican Church and Parish Hall is the second oldest Anglican Church in North America, and ranks as one of Canada's most important historical and architectural landmarks. Built in the 1750's, the church is of frame construction in a neo-Gothic style. The St. John's Parish Hall, formerly the town's first court house, 1775, which originally was a five-bay, hipped roof structure with central main door facing Cornwallis Street, but has been much altered over the years. In its main hall hangs a large mural bearing an old Royal Coat of Arms with the inscription "Fist Justitia ruat Caelum" or " Let justice be done though the heavens may fall. This remarkable Parish Hall is the site for the ever popular Boxwood Festival Celi.

Tragically, the historic St. John's Anglican Church of Lunenburg was destroyed in a fire on November 1, 2001. The church leaders and members made a commitment to re-build the Gothic structure. This church has been at the heart of Lunenburg for generations, and also has been featured in Hollywood films such as Simon Birch. Boxwood participants, in empathy with the people of Lunenburg, donated funds to go toward the rebuilding of the carillon tower, which has been a landmark with daily afternoon concerts. The Church has been magnificently restored, attracts visitors from around the world, and is the primary venue for our concerts and hands on baroque sessions.

Lunenburg Academy, 97 Kaulbach St.

The Lunenburg Academy is the only intact 19th century Academy building to survive in Nova Scotia. Originally, it was located near Town Hall. However, after a fire destroyed it in 1893, reconstructive plans were immediately launched. $30,000 and two years later, the Academy was reopened on its new perch on November 7, 1895. Standing atop "Gallow’s Hill" the Academy, like a proud mother, surveys her family of distinctive and beautiful homes in the old town. With its red peaked roof, visible for miles around, it is an outstanding landmark. The Academy’s wood frame structure—96 x 125 feet in dimension—is three stories high with a mansard roof. Truly one of the most remarkable heritage buildings in the Province, the Academy has been designated as a Municipal, Provincial, and Federal Heritage site. BOXWOOD students are lucky to have events inside this walls of this remarkable landmark every day. Large spacious classrooms provide the perfect setting for group learning, and the panoramic views are wondrously stimulating. The Academy is completely accessible to Boxwood participants all day, so you can stay and practice for the afternoon—or sit outside in the lush landscape and play for the many passersby.

Lunenburg Fire Hall, 25 Medway St.

An active fire hall, Lunenburg’s new constructed facility is a state of the art firehouse where the firemen/women of Lunenburg graciously allow BOXWOOD to use the modern kitchen and meeting hall for meals and late-night sessions. Every meal is walk-through buffet style, where you’ll get a chance to talk to the chefs as they dish up the day’s specials. There’s plenty of iced tea, cold water, and coffee to drink—beer and wine are also served (to anyone of legal age) by the Fire Hall employees. And save room for a sweet treat at the end of each meal. Lunch and dinner are great social times. Reminiscent of an elementary school’s lunch hour (with fewer food fights), the tables are unfolded in long rows so that everyone can mix together. It’s an opportunity to chat with people you don’t get time with otherwise, or get to know a favorite artist. It’s also a chance to browse the BOXWOOD Boutique. Tables set up around the periphery of the cafeteria are stocked with recordings and books of the guest artists, plus BOXWOOD shirts, and extra posters—all available for purchase. Flute makers and dealers also use the opportunity to display their goods inviting participants to test new flutes or head joints. Enjoy the collection of photo albums from past years of BOXWOOD - a pictorial history marking the evolution of the festival.