Boxwood Canada

Boxwood Youth Dance & Music Intensive 2019

General Information

We welcome kids age 8-14 for five fun-filled days exploring dance & music with inspiring teachers, mentors and performers across a wide variety of genres in dance & music.

Our program will consist of two groups: ages 8-11 and 12-14 offered Monday July 22 - Friday July 27; 9AM - 4PM. Drop off and pick-up at the St. John's Parish Hall (64 Townsend St.). Please bring a sack lunch.

All participants will dance in the mornings. Dance classes will include technique and choreography in these styles:

  • PERCUSSIVE DANCE: An important part of Maritime Canada's cultural mix which includes step-dance, clogging, Highland dance, Irish sean-nos dancing, and more.
  • BALLET: One of the most important forms of dance, as its technique forms the central foundation for many professional dancers.
  • BAROQUE DANCE: also an important foundational building block for many other genres of dance as it developed one of the first sytems of notation for dancers and choreographers. Important components including pliés, éléves & jetés will be explored as they relate to rhythm and the understanding of upbeats and downbeats. A precise and subtle use of the arms is also a key facet, as well as social and couple dances known as danses à deux.
  • TAP DANCE: An extremely dynamic fusion of percussive dance forms that link African, English, Irish, Scottish and Jazz influences. Basic and intermediate technique as well as connections to vaudeville, nightclub, film, television, and broadway styles will be explored.
  • HIP HOP & BREAKDANCE: Diverse influences of jazz, rock, tap, American and Latino culture blend together in this highly dynamic and athletic dance form. Downrock and Uprock moves of breakdance will be taught, as well as lots of ideas to inspire dancers to find their own style.

Afternoons will feature music classes which will include technique, style, and repertoire building in:

  • PENNY WHISTLE - Registration includes a penny whistle for all those including the Music focus, and basic technique and tunes will be taught.
  • INSTRUMENTAL INTRO - For those who might like to sample some of the instruments found in traditional Celtic music of Maritime Canada, a daily intro to flute, recorder, fiddle, harp and guitar will be presented.
  • INSTRUMENTAL CLASSES- for those who are already underway with the flute, fiddle, concertina or harp, afternoon classes with our guest artists will be available.
  • BALLAD & GROUP SINGING - Afternoon classes exploring the deep well of English, Irish, Scottish, Canadian, and American folksong.

Dance teachers include:

  • Pierre CHARTRAND - percussive dance, percussion
  • Anne-Marie GARDETTE - baroque dance
  • Shannon MOORE - Tap & ballet
  • Dakota LUTE - Hip-Hop and Breakdancing

Aftenoon music classes will be led by

  • Inrgrid THORSTENSEN - music
  • Rebecca POVODATOR - music
  • Shelley PHILLIPS - ukulele for beginners
  • Eamon O'LEARY - folksongs
  • with visits from Boxwood's renowned guest artists.
  • private lessons and small classes also available from our guest artists. Let us know what your child is interested on the registration form or in an email.

A sample preliminary draft schedule will be found here shortly. Our final schedule will be adjusted to best suit those who have registered.


A performance to share some of what we've learned will take place on Friday afternoon July 26 at our Waterfront Ceili and BBQ. All are welcome to attend - no admission fee. Last year, this was one of the highlights of our festival!


Lunch is not included, so please pack your child a lunch each day. Enrollment is limited - please register early! Please register your child using our on-line registration form.

Cost: Youth Dance & Music Intensive (age 8-14): $250/ea CAD
We're grateful to Canadian Heritage for their support of this program.

Financial assistance is available from:
• PRO Kids from the Town of Lunenburg: This is for families who live within the Town of Lunenburg
email Kelly Cunningham in the Recreation Department - 902.634.4006
• PRO Kids from the Municipality of the District of Lunenburg: This is for families who live within the M.O.D.L.
email Tissy Bolivar in the Recreation Department - 902-541-1335
• check with your local town or municipality to see if PRO Kids is available.
• Boxwood's Scholarship Fund: send us an email for details

Please e.mail us or call our office at 902.400.0044 with any questions.