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The Boxwood Festival returns for its 24th year in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, bringing together an amazing group of artists from across the spectrum of traditional folk (Irish, Scottish, Breton, Cape Breton, French Canadian, Appalachian, Ozark & Old-Time) baroque, and renaissance music & dance for a week of classes, performances, sessions and social dancing. The deep connections between traditional music, song, dance, language and food are at the heart of our program as musicians, dancers and singers alike experience and discover the fire that connects their traditions. The breadth, scope and versatility of this group of artists will inspire, astound, and challenge the way you think about music. Join the party with us in Lunenburg!


Cathal McCONNELL - Irish flute, whistle, songs & ballads

Flute player, tin whistler and singer Cathal McConnell of The Boys of the Lough is one of the best-loved performers in the world of Celtic music. A true character in every sense of the word, McConnell’s free spirit and mercurial stage presence have helped make The Boys of the Lough one of the most popular and longest-running acts on the folk circuit.

As a musician, McConnell defies easy categorization. He is equal parts modern virtuoso and old-time roots musician. On the one hand, McConnell is capable of stopping a show with dazzling displays of technical virtuosity. On the other hand, he can render an old ballad or tune with a poignancy reminiscent of the great fireside musicians of the past. Sometimes serious and sometimes zany, McConnell is always full of surprises. Whether deconstructing an old tune or composing a new one, he has a flair for the unusual. Yet his experimental side is balanced by a deep love for and commitment to the tradition.

Born in Bellinaleck, County Fermanagh, N. Ireland in 1944, McConnell traces flute playing back through four generations in his family. Encouraged by his father, he was playing tin whistle at age eleven and at age fifteen took up the flute. McConnell’s early mentors were the great roots musicians of his home county – men such as Peter Flanagan, John Joe Maguire, Big John McManus, Tommy Maguire, Tommy Gunn, Eddie Duffy and Mick Hoy. He was exposed to other playing styles by listening to 78s and by traveling the length and breadth of Ireland, collecting rare tunes from old musicians in out-of-the way places.

Through the years, McConnell has developed his own style of flute playing – at once earthy and robust, yet with a hint of plaintiveness. This plaintiveness owes much to his ethereal singing style. Indeed the line between vocalist and instrumentalist often blurs with McConnell. The two modes of music making co-exist in a rich, synergistic cross-fertilization.

In 1962, McConnell won the All-Ireland championship on both the flute and tin whistle. Five years later he founded The Boys of the Lough with Robin Morton and Tommy Gunn and never looked back. He has been a professional musician ever since.

Despite over thirty years on the road as a performer, McConnell has never become jaded about playing or singing. Music is his passion and he approaches it with undiminished enthusiasm. It is not uncommon for him to reach for an instrument before breakfast and continue to play well into the evening. On greeting a friend or acquaintance, he will often produce a tin whistle from his pocket and entertain the companion with his latest composition or discovery. Not content to rest on his laurels, he is constantly learning, revising, experimenting and growing.


Seamus EGAN - Irish flute, banjo, guitar

It’s hard to think of an artist in traditional Irish music more influential than Seamus Egan. From his beginnings as a teen prodigy, to his groundbreaking solo work with Shanachie Records, to his founding of Irish-American powerhouse band Solas, to his current work as one of the leading composers and interpreters of the tradition, Egan has inspired multiple generations of musicians and helped define the sound of Irish music today. As a multi-instrumentalist, he’s put his mark on the sound of the Irish flute, tenor banjo, guitar, mandolin, tin whistle, and low whistle, among others. As a composer, he was behind the soundtrack for the award-winning film The Brothers McMullen, co-wrote Sarah McLachlan’s breakout hit, “Weep Not for the Memories,” and has scored numerous documentaries and indie films since. As a bandleader, Solas has been the pre-eminent Irish-American band of their generation for the past 20 years, continuously renewing Irish music with fresh ideas, including a collaboration with Rhiannon Giddens on their 2013 album, Shamrock City. As a performer, few others can make so many instruments or such wickedly complex ornaments seem so effortless. Music comes as naturally to Seamus Egan as breath, but his mastery of the tradition is only one facet of his plans to move the music forward.

Growing up under the wing of powerful elder musicians, Egan’s always paid homage to his roots, but he’s thought of these roots less as a heritage and more as a universal language to be shared. Just as classical or jazz cuts across all ethnicities and unites communities around the world, Egan saw Irish music the same way, and the ensuing decades only served to support this idea. Today, musicians play Irish music all over the world, and part of this comes from the constant evolution the tradition has seen in the past century. Certainly this idea of musical evolution has kept Egan centered through the twenty years he’s spent as founding member of Solas, but the first real inkling of this came from his groundbreaking 1996 album, When Juniper Sleeps. Here, Egan began to explore the further reaches of the Irish tradition, blazing his way at spectacular speed through Irish reels, but also bringing in rich compositions and arrangements, and crafting soundscapes to enrich the melodies. This album dropped nearly the same year as Solas’ debut, self-titled album, so it’s no surprise that Egan would reach back to this time period to create new music for new generations.


Grégoire JEAY - baroque flute & recorder

Specializing in Baroque flute & recorder, Grégoire frequently performs in Quebec and Canada and has also played in France, Belgium, Mexico, Turkey, the UK, and the US. He is recognized for his musicality and expressiveness, as well as for his great skills in ornamentation and improvisation. His virtuosity on the transverse flute is paralleled only by his abilities on the recorder and various flutes from around the world. Indeed, in addition to baroque music, he is interested in a variety of musical styles such as medieval, Irish, Arab-Andalusian, Sephardic, and has participated in several concerts and recordings with some of these specialized music ensembles. Jeay is a member of several prominent early music ensembles, with which he regularly performs and records, including Tafelmusik of Toronto, Clavecin en Concert, Les Idées heureuses, Theatre of Early Music, Les Voix humaines, Les Boréades, Ensemble Caprice, La Mandragore, Constantinople, and La Nef.

He has performed with many internationally renowned artists, notably Karina Gauvin, Phillipe Sly, Suzie LeBlanc, Emma Kirkby, Marie-Josée Lord, Hélène Guilmette, Philippe Sly, Daniel Taylor, Luc Beauséjour, Sylvain Bergeron, Simon Standage, Olivier Brault, and Hendrik Bouman.


Andra BOHNET - flute choir

Dr. Andra Bohnet is a flutist who embraces a rich variety of musical styles with both virtuosity and sensitivity. In addition to her position as Professor of Music at USA where she teaches flute, music history/literature and chamber music, she is the principal flutist with Mobile Symphony Orchestra where she has been a featured soloist on several occasions. Her newest project is the CD Clinton on Clinton, the culmination of a research project which has been to rediscover the music of John Clinton (1809-1864), an Irish flutist, composer and flutemaker who was a major figure in the nineteenth-century flute design controversy. For this project, she performed Clinton's music on seven flutes manufactured by Clinton & Co. over 150 years ago! This research has been presented to the National Flute Association and the British Flute Society.

Her chamber ensemble for flute and strings, the Silverwood Quartet, has performed throughout the United States and in Japan, including a performance for the National Flute Association. The group specializes in exploring popular and world music in addition to the classical repertoire. Also the group’s primary arranger, Andra’s creative charts capture the musical essence of styles ranging from Irish traditional to Tibetan Chant and alternative rock and roll. Their newest project, A Celtic Mosaic, explores a variety of unique and original music from Celtic sources including music from Riverdance, Lord of the Rings, Ballykissangel and a trilogy of tunes by Loreena McKennitt. The Classic Rock Album, was released in 2005. Rock icon Ian Anderson, flutist and leader of Jethro Tull, said, "Many thanks for the CD. I enjoyed it very much and especially the variety of musical styles it incorporated. Keep up the good work and help bring the worlds of pop/rock and the Classical traditions together." She also performs on Irish and other folk flutes with her group Mithril, a high-energy Celtic/world music band, which has released four CDs which have been featured on NPR's syndicated show "Celtic Connections." Mithril is currently being featured with symphony orchestras for “Celtic Christmas,” "Celtic Halloween" and "Celtic Celebration" pops concerts. Andra performs and records on flutes of all shapes and sizes (classical, traditional wooden, baroque and a variety of ethnic instruments), as well as Celtic harp.

Adrianne GREENBAUM - Klezmer flute

Adrianne Greenbaum’s career as orchestral and chamber musician, teacher,/professor/mentor, and published composer and arranger spans nearly five decades. Professor of Music at Mount Holyoke College, Adrianne is sought after as a performer and teacher for diverse audiences and enjoys teaching children as well as adults, most recently joining the faculty at New Horizons in Chattauqua, NY and the adult session at New England Music Camp in Maine. Adrianne is the leading pioneer revivalist of the klezmer flute tradition, performing on vintage European and American wood flutes from the late nineteenth centuries. She enjoys touring with her klezmer ensemble “FleytMuzik” having recently completed a seven concert tour of Scotland and looking forward to presenting her klezmer and early music blend at the prestigious Pittsburgh Renaissance and Baroque series in 2016. In addition to many universities and colleges throughout the US, she has performed and given master classes in Dusseldorf, Paris, Vienna, and Krakow. Her albums "FleytMuzik" and "Family Portrait" have won awards and acclaim for her entertaining and historically informed performances, the most recent being the release of "Farewell to the Homeland: Poyln". As well, for many years running, Adrianne has been invited to perform and give workshops for the National and the British Flute Society Societies and for the prestigious New York Flute Club, focusing on baroque and klezmer ornamentation, and exploring commonalities between these two genres. Since receiving her BM from Oberlin and MM from Yale, she has involved herself with teaching at all levels, from the day one experience of flute playing to coaching professionals on the fine distinctions of making music come alive. Beyond her private studio she has taught at many adult programs, including KlezKamp, KlezKanada, KlezmerQuerque, Boxwood Festival (Nova Scotia) and Santa Fe Flute Immersion and has led master classes and workshops in England, France, Austria, and across the US. This summer marked the third annual hosting of her popular World Music and Improv Camp in CT. Additionally she has created a new concert series on period instruments, connecting klezmer and baroque music. Ms. Greenbaum is Solo Flutist of the Wall Street Chamber Players, Principal Flute Emeritus of Orchestra New England and the New Haven Symphony and resides in Fairfield, CT.


Chris NORMAN - flutes, small pipes, director

Chris’ influential work as performer, composer, recording artist, teacher and flutemaker has earned him worldwide recognition. His distinctive flute playing has appeared on more than 40 recordings and can be heard featured on numerous Hollywood soundtracks. Chris is founder and director of the Boxwood Festivals and Workshops taking place for the past 24 years in Canada, New Zealand, Australia and the USA, inspiring thousands of musicians of all ages. As a flute maker, he brings to bear a discernment forged over a 30-year career to make world-class flutes for traditional, baroque and renaissance music.


Alexis CHARTRAND - Quebecois fiddle

Montreal violinist Alexis Chartrand is an active performer on the Québec and international scene. Inspired by Québec’s traditional music and dances, he is known for his energetic accompaniment of jig and figure dances and has pursued an interest in Irish and Scottish music and early music repertoire. He has also studied classical music and contemporary composition. He frequently collaborates with dancers Anne-Marie Gardette, Pierre Chartrand, and Antoine Turmine and performs regularly with the guitarists Marc Maziade, Colin Savoie-Levac, Peter Senn, and Yann Falquet. He has also participated in concerts with Rapetipetam, MAZ, and Danse Cadence.

Niamh Ní CHARRA - Irish fiddle, concertina & songs

Niamh Ní Charra hails from Killarney, County Kerry in the south west of Ireland. Strongly influenced by the wealth of local Sliabh Luachra musicians, she started playing music at the early age of 4, under the tutelage of renowned local musician Nicky McAuliffe. A multiple award winner on both fiddle and concertina, she toured from 1998 to 2006 as a soloist with Riverdance, before returning to Ireland where she is now based.

Most recently she was awarded “Female Musician of the Year 2014″ in the Live Ireland Music Awards, compiled by respected and renowned industry critic Bill Margeson. Her latest album “Cuz”, featuring many top class guest musicians, received great critical acclaim including “Instrumental Album of the Year” in the Chicago Irish American News’ TIR awards for 2014. Her music features on the programme “Ireland in Song” currently airing on Aer Lingus transatlantic flights, and which also featured on PBS.
Previously her debut album “From Both Sides” was the only Irish album on MOJO’s Top Ten Folk Albums for 2007. She received the “Best Trad Music Act 2008″award from UK publication The Irish World, and “Best Fiddle/Violin 2008″ from the American based Irish Music Association. Her second album “Happy Out” followed in 2010 again to great reviews. She was nominated for “Top Solo Performer 2011″ in the Irish Music Awards and was awarded “Female Musician of the Year 2012″ in the Live Ireland Music Awards.

Along with touring extensively as a solo artist and with her own band, Niamh has also performed and recorded with The Chieftains, and with Carlos Núñez. and in 2011 released an album “The Basque Irish Connection”, in collaboration with Basque musician Ibon Koteron. She still performs occasionally with Riverdance, most recently for a tour of China, where she took on the additional role of Musical Director. She regularly gives workshops and masterclasses on both fiddle and concertina, has performed for several presidents and members of royalty and has additionally coordinated concerts hosted by the Irish embassy, on behalf of the government.


Maeve GILCHRIST - Celtic harp

Described by one critic as “a phenomenal harp player who can make her instrument ring with unparalleled purity”, Maeve Gilchrist has taken the Celtic harp to new levels of performance. Born and raised in Edinburgh, Scotland, and currently based in Brooklyn, New York, Maeve‘s innovative approach to her instrument stretches its harmonic limits and improvisational possibilities. She is as at home as a soloist with an internationally renowned orchestra as she is playing with a traditional Irish folk group or using electronic augmentation in a more contemporary, improvisatory setting.

She tours internationally as a band leader as well as maintaining a number of collaborations including a duo project with percussive dancer Nic Gareiss, a more electronics based project with Viktor Krauss and as a member of the Irish network commissioned ‘Edges of Light’ quartet: a multidisciplinary group featuring the piper David Power, dancer Colin Dunne and the fiddler Tola Custy. She has appeared at such major music events as Celtic Connections in Glasgow, Tanglewood Jazz festival, the World Harp Congress in Amsterdam and the opening of the Scottish Parliament. She has played with such luminaries asEsperanza Spalding, Tony Trishka, Ambrose Akinmusire, Solas and Darol Anger.

Maeve has released five albums to date, including her most recent recording Vignette, on Adventure Records, with Nashville legend Viktor Krauss while on her own label her solo Ostinato Project is a beguiling exploration of the possibilities of her instrument. Maeve was the first lever harpist to join the faculty of the iconic Berklee College of Music in Boston, where she taught for five years before switching to a visiting roots department artist this spring. She has written several instructional books published by Hal Leonard Music. Also an in-demand composer and arranger; this year, Maeve premiered her first concerto for lever harp and symphony orchestra and is currently working on a number of commissions including a string quartet for Irish harp and string quartet to be premiered in Scotlandin the spring of 2018.


Shelley PHILLIPS - oboe, harp

Shelley Phillips (folk harp, oboe, cor anglais) has played with many professional folk musicians in America, Ireland, and the UK. Shelley is director of the Santa Cruz Community Music School, where she runs Celtic music camps for children and teens, maintains a private studio, and presents concerts and workshops with visiting musicians of the highest caliber.

She received her master’s in music from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and has studied Irish and Scottish flute styles, shehnai, dizi, and willow flute. She plays for the Episcopal church, makes bamboo flutes with the English Piper’s Guild, teaches flute making, and directs the Santa Cruz Shape Note Society. She is a member of the Coulter/Phillips Ensemble and the Anjali Quartet, and has toured the world.

She appears on many Gourd recordings, including her solo albums The Fairie Round, Pavane, and The Butterfly. She has recorded music of the Shakers and produced a benefit album, Verdant Groves, for the Shaker village museums. She also produced a benefit recording of Christmas music for the Community Music School called Mid Earth Rejoices, which includes the premier of her “Magnificat.” She collaborated with Rumi translator and poet Coleman Barks and made two CDs, What Was Said to the Rose and Five Things to Say, with him.


Nick HALLEY - drums, percussion, keyboards

Nick Halley is a drummer/percussionist, keyboardist, composer, and conductor. As a drummer and world percussionist, Nick has performed and recorded internationally with a wide range of musicians including James Taylor, Oscar Castro-Neves, Maucha Adnet, David McGuinness & Revenge of the Folk Singers, Concerto Caledonia, Jefferson Hamer & Eamon O’Leary, Old Man Luedecke & Tim O’Brien, the Chris Norman Ensemble, various Paul Halley ensembles, Suzie LeBlanc, Theresa Thomason, Diomira with Dinuk Wijeratne & Joseph Petric, and occasionally the Nick Halley Band. The recording Barnum Hill (2008) features Nick and his ensemble performing some of Nick’s original compositions.

Nick is the founder and Artistic Director of the Capella Regalis Men and Boys Choir in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He is the founder and Director of The King’s Chorus, a choir for members of the King’s and Dalhousie University communities in Halifax. Nick is also the Assistant Director of the acclaimed University of King’s College Chapel Choir directed by his father, Paul Halley. He is Cantor and Director for the chapel’s male Compline choir. He is also Assistant Director of Music at the Cathedral Church of All Saints, Halifax. In 2012, Nick was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal in recognition of his contribution to Canada and Nova Scotia through the arts, particularly for his work with Capella Regalis Men and Boys Choir. Nick was the Host of CBC’s Choral Concert for the 2013-14 season.


Garth MacPHEE - harpsichord, continuo

Garth is a native Nova Scotian and a graduate of Church Music at McGill University (M. Mus, 2006), where he studied organ with John Grew and Dr. William Porter. He brings 25 years of experience as a professional church musician. He has served as Music Director at St. George's Round Church in Halifax, NS, and St. John the Divine in Victoria, BC; as well as St. John the Evangelist and Temple Emanu-El Beth Shalom in Montreal, QC. While in Montreal, he studied choral conducting with Michael Zaugg and voice with the late Jan Simons. In addition to his liturgical work at St George's, including the training of the adult and children's choirs, Garth has also served as the music coordinator for St George's YouthNet, which offers after-school programmes to inner-city youth. Garth is the Musician in Residence for the Anglican Formation Program at the Atlantic School of Theology, playing for the weekly Eucharist and giving private voice lessons to Anglican postulants.


Kirsty MONEY - nyckelharpa, Scandanavian repertoire, baroque violin

Kirsty is a multi-instrumentalist that plays modern and baroque violin/viola and the nyckelharpa. She enjoys playing many different styles of music (Classical, Trad. Jazz, Pop, Contemporary, Flamenco) and has played professionally in Canada, the United States and Europe. She is currently a member of Symphony Nova Scotia, and is known for her musical versatility in the Canadian music scene. Her principal mentors of the nyckelharpa include Swedish players Olov Johansson , Magnus Holmström, Josefina Paulson, and Vicki Swan (UK). Although little is known of the nyckelharpa in Canada, Kirsty is starting to be an ambassador for the instrument, and has given several concerts, radio interviews, and education workshops in Maritime Canada, Québec, and Victoria, BC. One of Kirsty’s principal goals in playing and teaching the nyckelharpa is to educate people about the extraordinary sonic possibilities, repertoire and historical intrigue this instrument has to offer.


Eamon O'LEARY - ballads, songs, banjo, and guitar

Originally from Dublin, Eamon has lived in New York City for the last twenty years. He has toured extensively throughout North America and Europe, performing and recording with many of Irish music's great players. In 2004, he and Patrick Ourceau released a live recording, Live at Mona's, documenting their many years hosting a session on New York's Lower East Side. In 2012 he and Jefferson Hamer released an album of traditional songs, The Murphy Beds, described by the Huffington Post as "ten beautiful, crystalline songs." Eamon's songwriting can be heard on the 2013 album Old Clump. He also tours and records as part of the trad. Irish trio The Alt with Nuala Kennedy and John Doyle.


Bronwyn Thies-THOMPSON: baroque song, trad. songs

The Canadian soprano, Bronwyn Thies-Thompson, studied at Lisgar Collegiate Institute in Ottawa, Ontario. She has been surrounded by music her entire life. She began cello studies at age 4, and the french horn at 11, before finding her musical voice as a chorister and instrumentalist at Christ Church Cathedral Ottawa. She obtained her Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Ottawa (2011-2012). She completed her Bachelor of Music degree at the University of Toronto (2012-2016), as a voice student of counter-tenor Daniel Taylor, where she sang with his early music ensemble, Schola Cantorum, Toronto. Having recently completed her undergraduate studies at Carleton University under the tutelage of counter-tenor Daniel Taylor (2014-2017), she has furthered her studies at the Victoria Conservatory of Music (Music's Summer Oratorio Program for three summers), the International Bachakademie Stuttgart, and Carnegie Hall’s Weill Music Institute, and has received private instruction (solo vocal and historical practice) from a number of early music specialists including sopranos Emma KirkbyNancy Argenta and Suzie LeBlanc, as well as Laurence Cummings and Adrian Butterfield. Bronwyn was a recipient of our Fred Kasper Scholarship in 2014, and we're thrilled to have her as a guest artist this summer!


Pierre CHARTRAND - percussive dance, bodhran

Born and living in Montreal, Canada, Pierre Chartrand is a dance historian-ethnologist, choreographer, master step-dancer and accomplished dance caller. Dancing for more than 35 years, he regularly performs and teaches in Quebec, Canada, the United States, and Europe. After achieving his Master in Dance at the Sorbonne (Paris) in 1991, he founded the Centre Mnémo (see,, an extensive resource center for traditional Québec dance and music. Pierre has published numerous books on folk music and dance as well as many articles for magazines, and has lectured and spoken both on radio and at conferences. He has won international awards for both dance and choreography. He taught dance at the Université du Québec à Montréal and recently teaches in the folk music program at Cégep de Joliette (Junior College) in Joliette, Québec. In 2000, he started his company, Danse Cadence, and began producing his own shows based on Québec music and dance (for more information on Danse Cadence, see Current productions include, among others, RapetipetamChasse-Galerie, and Le Bal des Ménestriers.


Anne-Marie GARDETTE - baroque dance, Québécois dance

Anne-Marie Gardette has been dancing for more than 30 years. A native of  France, she moved to Montréal in 1995 where she fell in love with traditional Québécois dance. In addition to traditional Québécois dance, she teaches and performs Renaissance and baroque dance. Her broad repertoire has a special focus on dance and contradance from “la Nouvelle-France” (as Québec was known prior to 1763). As a performer and teacher, she connects Québec dance heritage from the 18th century with traditional dance of the 19th and 20th centuries. Anne-Marie is a professor at the École des Arts de la Veillée in Montréal, a school dedicated to teaching traditional Québécois music, song and dance. She frequently performs at historic and commemorative events throughout the province.

Recent highlights include: Dance Flurry, Festival of traditional dance and music, Saratoga Springs, NY / Music and dance of New France, Pointe-à-Callière Museum, Montréal, QC / Festival Chants de vielles, Saint-Antoine-sur-Richelieu, QC / Boxwood Camp (dance and music week), Lunenburg, NS / Ensemble J’ay pris Amours, Lévis, QC / Les Éclusiers de Lachine, Lachine, QC / Théâtre champêtre du Moulin Fleming, Lasalle, QC / International Summer Academy of Sablé, Sablé-sur-Sarthe, France / Festival Rendez-vous des coureurs des bois, Trois-Rivières, QC / Festival Les fêtes de la Nouvelle-France, Québec, QC / Festival Montréal-baroque, Montréal, QC / Danse Neige, Traditional dance and music camp, Montréal, Québec / Gala OFQJ, Spectrum, Montréal, QC (choreography, performance / Television : “Voulez-vous danser? » (ARTV), « Marguerite Volant » (Radio-Canada) / Film : Jefferson in Paris (James Ivory)


Shannon MOORE - ballet, tap dance

Shannon has studied with Broadway talents such as David J.V. Meenan, Harry Woolever, Savion Glover, Virgina Sandifur, and many more. Shannon holds a BFA in Musical Theatre from the New School University in New York, is a graduate of The American Musical and Dramatic Academy, and has studied at Dalhousie University as an English major.  Shannon has attended several classes and workshops at Broadway Dance Center,  The Martha Graham Studio, and Steps on Broadway, and is a regular at the New Jersey Tap Festival every summer.  She has nurtured her love for performing arts since her youth at Red Bank Regional High School of Performing Arts in New Jersey as a dance major.  Shannon has worked creatively with Neptune Theatre’s Youth Program and Professional Studies, and she is also the Artistic Director of Royale Theatre Guild II in Lunenburg, NS which caters to children of all ages and has produced four full-length shows to date including Narnia:  The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, The Wicked Witch of Oz, The Velveteen Rabbit, And Wonderland.  Shannon most recently directed and produced The Very Funky Nutcracker in 2015, A Dancing Christmas Carol in 2016, and Babes in Toyland in 2017 for On Tap Dance Studio.  Shannon has choreographed for On Tap’s Summer Youth Troupe in the Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival, Wooden Boat Festival, and for South Shore Players, Maritime Opera, and Chester Drama Society to name a few.  Shannon has most recently founded a ballet performance troupe called Lift Me Up Dance Theatre, which strives to bring dance and literature to youth on the South Shore.