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Our Flagship Festival - BOXWOOD CANADA

Registration for our 2018 Festival is now open!

Join us in beautiful Lunenburg, Nova Scotia to discover music, ballad, and dance traditions amid one of North America's most exquisite 18th century seaside towns. Boxwood presents a full range of immersive sessions with world renowned artists in the realms of traditional folk, early music, and dance. The flute is center stage along with a myriad of other instruments, song and dance.

Boxwood will inspire the creative spirit of every participant with its concerts, dances, sessions, hands on sessions, and talks along with handmade local food in the heart of Nova Scotia's beautiful South Shore. The Boxwood experience brings together kindred spirits from all over the world, creating lasting friendships, nourishing music, and soulful fun in a unique, non-competitive program.

Boxwood's Philosophy - from director Chris Norman:

Boxwood exists to create a richer and stronger community through our programming and to promote artistic exellence. We share and explore the roots and branches of Atlantic Canada's music & dance traditions; connecting the entire community with programs for children, teens, adults, seniors, novices, amateurs and professionals. We look forward to you joining us!


Children's Program:

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Boxwood Teens:

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Fred Kasper

Fred Kasper embodied the breadth of Boxwood's mission in all aspects: Instruments, Passion, Sharing, and Community. He was a friend of Boxwood and attended the Canada festival for 3 years prior to passing from cancer in 2000. He was an audiophile who shared his great collection of recordings and broad knowledge with friends and family whenever he could,

Fred's interests spannned all of Western and World music. He played recorder, renaissance flutes, was accomplished on the bass renaissance flute, and was an exceptional player of the baroque flute. From his interest in Indian music, Fred also played the Indian Sarangi as well as north and south Indian flutes.

Fred Kasper Memorial Young Musician Outreach Fund

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Boxwood is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization in the US, and a non-profit society in the Province of Nova Scotia. Please help us to make our programs available to promising young people by making a donation to the Fred Kasper Memorial Young Musician Outreach fund.

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